Úvod Education


Projects within the laboratory are solved as a part of semester projects which may be extended to diploma theses. Outputs of many of these are also further presented at various conferences and as well published in scientific publications.

Bachelor study 

  • Courses
    • Computer Networks
    • Application of Network Technologies

Master study 

  • Courses
    • Routing algorithms in Computer Networks
    • Designing of Computer Networks
    • Solving Problems of Large Scale Infrastructures

PhD study

  • PhD theses:
    • Ivan Manov – Machine Learning with Hierarchical Structures
    • Aleš Deák – Models of anomaly detection and non standard situation in information and communication systems
    • Roman Vápeník – Distributed Models of objects tracking using the mobile network equipment
    • Matej Kostroš – Non standard situation and anomaly detection in information and communication systems
    • Milan Krendželák – Research of non-standard situations and anomalies detection in the area of information and communication infrastructure for smart urban area
  • New theses