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EXCALIBUR security project (R&D), design and web participating in competitions, supporting on laboratory events B521 + B523 laboratory facilities administrator announcements and bulletin board administrator assist with web and graphics design


now working on EXCALIBUR project – cloud authentication system based on CRcOTP worked on cOTP and CRcOTP (One-Time Password) multi-factor authentication mechanisms worked on S4PM = System For Policy Managment
Programming: C, C++, C#, Pascal, Visual Basic (.NET), Java & Android Web development: (X)HTML, XML, XSL(T), CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, SQL, APIs, web design Mobile development: Android, Windows Mobile (studying) Graphics and UI: Adobe Design & Web Premium suite, GIMP, (XML) GUI design, AutoCAD and Blender basics Networking: Wi-Fi, ZyXel switches/routers config; basic topology design Security: hashing, cryptographic and salting solutions, OTP and authentication technologies R&D, SQL injection, XSS and Wi-Fi security threats prevention Administration: MS Win Server, EBS, SBS, HP-UX and Unix based systems admin basics, Apache, PHP, MySQL