Head of CNL:

doc. Ing. František Jakab,PhD.

Team leader:

Ing. Peter Feciľak, PhD.

Research Objectives:

  • Efficient communication in computer networks: optimization and visualization of network traffic and network topologies, monitoring and management of computer networks, automated management of network components
  • Virtualization resources in a centralized and distributed systems, security aspects of network traffic, voice communication on the Internet, the Internet community structure and its operation

Research group members (2017/2018):

PhD. students:

Students (CNL):

Project Research Activities:

  1. iPortal as ASC supporting tool (2013), Development of Community domain of a new generation (Sponsor: Cisco Systems), Coordinator: P. Feciľak.
  2. Competency Centre for Knowledge technologies applied in Innovation of Production Systems in Industry and Services (2011-2014): RD of knowledge-based technologies for service innovation: Support intelligent services in the management of large-scale information systems (cooperation with T-Systems Slovakia)
  3. University Science Park TECHNICOM for innovative applications with support of knowledge technologies (2013-2015): Building a laboratory innovative-incubation center for applied research in the field of cloud technologies, applications and services: Applied research in the field of cloud solutions, intelligent interfaces of information systems, advanced converters of dramatized text and secure content delivery.

Internal Project Activities:

1. NETWORKING ACADEMY – PCW (iPortal): Community solution of a new generation

Solved PhD Theses:

Solved Master Theses:

Solved Bachelor Theses: