Research and Development

Several research groups were established to deal with research activities – they are consisted of permanent employees and PhD, master degree and bachelor students.

Current project activities

  • External projects
      • University Science Park TECHNICOM for innovative applications with support of knowledge technologies (2013-2015), ITMS: 26220220182, Operational Programme Research and Development,
        Activity 3.1 Pilot projects in the field of Information and Communication Technologies – Building innovative-incubation laboratory center for applied research in the field of cloud technologies, applications and services (common workplace of TUKE and businesses)
        A, Applied research in the field of advanced IPTV, streaming and community solutions of new generations, detection and prevention of various types of anomalous behavior, automated dramatization of read text and solving the issues of intelligent households
        B, Applied research in the field of intelligent services in a cloud solutions environment and assurance of content being delivered
    • KC
      • Competency Centre for Knowledge technologies applied in Innovation of Production Systems in Industry and Services (2011-2014), IMTS 26220120020, Operational Programme Research and Development,,
        a. Activity 2.2.2 Research and development of knowledge technologies for service innovation – Interactivity in providing sophisticated multimedia services over IP TV and addressing the issues of smartmetering (cooperation with Antik Telecom)
        b. Activity 2.2.4 Support for intelligent services in the filed of management of large-scale IT systems (cooperation with T-Systems Slovakia)
    • TEMPUS
      • Project TEMPUS, 2011-2014, „Tovwards Trust in Quality Assurance“ – TRAST.
        Contract number: 11-2544/001-001, 516935-TEMPUS-1-2011-1FI-TEMPUS-SMGR
        KPI FEI TUKE is a partner – total budget of the partner: 126 430 EUR/36 months
        Project coordinator: University of Jyvaskyla
    • eSkills for Jobs
    • TUKE Startup centre
      • EFEOS
      • App@Eat
      • CEELABS
      • TUKE virtual tour
  • Internal projects

Archive of project activities