Bývalá členka LPS Veronika Klauzová získala v nedávnej dobe Cisco certifikáciu CCIE Security, k tomu jej srdečne blahoželáme!

Pár slov od Veroniky:

„Looks like my CCIE Security number is #58830! Now it is time to look into my impressions and some history of the journey.

To be honest, exam feels like another day at TAC, bunch of troubleshooting scenarios / trouble tickets, imagine that you got stuck on the call for whole your shift (8 hours) and there is no way to trick the system, you just have to deal with it. Sometimes you get rid of it but it is just temporary, it always hits you back and it is just matter of the time! Sometimes you do the mistakes, sometimes the 3rd party would do it, but you are the one to find it out! You have to troubleshoot the stuff and/or configure it from scratch!

For this excitement journey I can thank to my high school teacher Tomas Skvarenina, who mentioned to me first time the magic word “Cisco”. I can still remember first video that we watched at school and it was about wifi hacking done by Ivan Vania Klimek, man how inspiring talk you can give! you are the best motivational speaker that i have ever heard! (and you have probably not known until now. And now you are true CEO of the things that you believe in! Truly inspiring.

Based on teacher’s feedback I have researched the very first and the best Cisco Networking Academy called Computer Network Laboratory at Slovakia. This team of networking enthusiasts help me throughput my career in good and bad times. So huge thanks to you team! I would never ever done this far without you!!!

I can also never forget how I got stuck in configuration of first OpenVPN and Cisco ASA at PCKlub who gave me chance to deal with it and help me throughout the challenges! This all matters to me!

Last but not least, I thank to all of my friends, study partners, Cisco colleagues, supporting managers, family and the one I love the most, as he was listening to me all the time even that none of it make sense to him!

I just want to say that all of you impact each other’s life and you might even not notice, so try to do your best anytime you can and regardless of situation!“